Me and Kellie at It Works Conference in Phoenix

How I Started to Work From Home

I have had so many of my friends and family ask me about this Crazy Wrap Business that I’ve been sharing about that I thought now would be a good time to share my story of how I started working from home!

In December of 2014 I saw one of my very best friends posting pictures about this Crazy Wrap Thing and how it can tighten up your belly. She kept mentioning that she was earning an income from home while doing it.

To be honest, I thought she was CRAZY!

I figured she bought into some crazy “work-at-home mom” program and was spinning her wheels trying to make it work. After seeing her post for a few weeks I couldn’t handle it any more and I called. “What are you doing!? You seem crazy!” She laughed and said I couldn’t call her crazy until I heard more about it, so I listened.

But is “It Works” a work from home scam?

I hung up the phone and told Daniel everything she said, and I asked him to work his computer magic to find out all about this company and see if it was a truly legitimate opportunity. He spent hours that night scouring the web – forums, the Better Business Bureau, complaint sites – trying to find any and every piece of information about the company. After he finished his search he turned to me and said, “Babe, they’re the real deal!’ I was shocked!

ItWorks Global was #436 on the 2013 INC 500 and climbed to #290 on last year’s INC 500, they’re a DEBT FREE company, they encourage US to live Debt Free, the products use natural ingredients not chemicals, named top 15 direct sales company in America, and the owners of the company love the Lord! I was sold! I called my friend back and signed up as a distributor the next day!

I have always had the desire to help contribute to our family financially and when I started to work from home with It Works, my goal was to make $500 a month. Unfortunately, I let my fear get in the way for the first few months and didn’t do much of anything.

ItWorks Monthly Income Average Distributor Earnings

Then my friend called and invited me to go to a training meeting with her in Phoenix. I decided to go and was blown away when we got there to see over 1,500 people! I heard testimonies from dozens of people who are making OVER six figures through this company! I was (again) shocked! I went home from that training with a new passion for running my own business as a stay at home mom and I hit the ground running.

How to Work From Home: My Story

As an official WAHM (work-at-home mom) running my own It Works site –, my team more than doubled in the month of May which got me my first promotion to Executive and then in June I promoted again to Ruby. I am now bringing in an estimated $599 a month!!!! I hit the goal I set for myself when I signed up for this company, but now my eyes are on an even bigger prize! I can’t believe that in such a short time I was able to reach my goal and help others reach theirs along the way. And this is just the beginning!

So why don’t you join me? What could you do with an extra $500/month?

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