Month: August 2015

What Do These Stones Mean?

I was reading this morning in Joshua the story about Israel crossing the Jordan to go to the Promised Land. There are lots of things about this story that are amazing and interesting like, God stopped the river from flowing so they could cross, it’s the same river Jesus was baptized in, and it’s 156 miles long and leads to the Dead Sea. All fun facts.

But my favorite part of the story is the Rock Towers.

God has 1 man from each of the 12 tribes grab a stone on the way through and place it on the other side of the river after they cross as a reminder that God brought them through it. The last few verses of Chapter 4 are my favorite: Read More

Renovation: Framing in and Roofing the Addition

How did we renovate our home while still living there?

Let me start out by saying this… Renovating our home while living in it was rough. Seriously you guys, it was torture. Trying to confine my kids to our back three bedrooms was pretty intense. The kids were troopers and stayed happy through almost all of it, but there was a point close to the end when Ava started asking when we would get our house back. Sad.

So talking logistics now, I’ve had some people ask how we navigated through the whole thing and I wanted to share with you some of our great ideas and some of our not so great ideas. We last left you with pictures of our concrete pour, up next:¬†framing, roofing, and insulating… Read More