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Photo of RBC Tandem Bicycle Logo

What is a RBC Tandem Bicycle? (Ret Bar Cycle)

That’s the first thing wondered as soon as I had our “new” vintage tandem bike unloaded and safe on our front porch. The emblems said RBC, so I quickly got to work searching Google for similar tandem bicycles and found several others, like myself, trying to find more info about RBC tandem bikes they had picked up at garage sales or as hand-me-downs:

Photo of our RBC Ret Bar Cycle Tandem Bike Read More

Photo of Waffle Iron Fried Cheese

Waffle Iron Fried Cheese Love

Perusing the internet the other day, God graced me to find this lovely post suggesting the idea that fried cheese might be possible to make at home, using a waffle iron… I told you God is good! More proof he’s good? I told my wife about the post, to which she replied, “Get me the recipe Read More

Hosting a Big Family Thanksgiving

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! We have a lot of catch-up writing to do so we can share the progress on our renovation, but for now we wanted to say thank you for reading along with our life. We hosted a big family thanksgiving (22 of us!) here in our brand new dining room. The sink, fridge Read More

Good News

We wanted to share some good news and shout a Hallelujah to God, because I just got back from our petition hearing with the city planning commission. They approved our variance request, which means our rejected renovation plans are now good to go! Thanks to those of you that have been praying! We should finish Read More

When Plans Get Rejected


If you watch HGTV or DIY Network, you know remodels and surprises always go hand-in-hand.

But, we thought that wasn’t real life!

So, we have good news… And we have bad news. Read More

Around The Garden This Weekend

Just a quick update from the weekend. We spent all day, Saturday, outside. We woke up early, made a giant list of to-dos and marched into the yard.

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How To Start A Home Renovation (There’s An App For That)

Interior Design app for iPad Screenshot

Creating a dining room out of thin air, adding on a new bedroom, and tearing walls out of a kitchen sound like exciting adventures. They even look like feasible projects on the remodel TV shows we’re so fond of.

But what’s it really like to plan a renovation? Our planning process has been exciting, exhausting, invigorating, confusing, and most of all crazy. But it’s all worth it. Read More

How Do I Install Laminate Wood Flooring?

Photo of Installed Laminate Flooring

For Sam’s 26th birthday I squirreled away some money, took a 4 day weekend, and surprised her with new laminate wood floors. The bank-owned carpet and linoleum had seen a long full life and deserved retirement.

My father and brother-in-law helped with the installation while I sent Sam to her mom’s house with the kids.

It was one of the longest weekends of our lives (and we only replaced the 500 square feet in the living room, kitchen, and hallway).

**Husbands: don’t surprise your wife with a big DIY project that takes all weekend and keeps you two apart ON HER BIRTHDAY.**

Here’s my amateur guide to installing laminate wood flooring.< Read More

Shortcuts To Laying a Paver Walkway


Laying pavers can be time consuming and expensive. I’ve learned a few shortcuts over the last two weekends while laying our new paver walkway. Read More

Valentine’s Day – Good, Bad, Commercial, Romantic

I’d like to offer a toast, to Valentine’s Day.
Once a year we bring our gloves to the ring, ready to slug it out over whether or not V-Day is worth celebrating. Some hate it because it’s a reminder of loneliness, others because Hallmark’s profits go up.

On the other side, star crossed lovers swoon over cards, flowers and chocolates. There’s even a small handful of romantics, single but hopeful, that cherish Valentine’s Day, and hope to celebrate with a special someone someday. Read More