Author: Samantha

Crowd Pleaser Pancakes

I’ve got my eyes on the prize today. What’s the prize you ask? Oh, well, Saturday! I love Saturdays with the family band. And so I am doing the only logical thing for a Thursday, planning Saturday morning breaky.

You will be pleased to know I have finally nailed down my go-to pancake recipe and am so excited to share it!


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Front Yard Makeover Stage 1: The Before

Front Yard Makeover Stage 1 Panorama Photo

To say that our front yard is an eyesore would be like saying chicken pox aren’t that bad. Till now, we’ve focused most all of our renovation time and budget on the backyard and interior of the house (the spaces we live the most life together). The front yard is a combination of desert landscaping (not the pretty kind – just 4 inches deep of mixed rock), dirt, and un-killable weeds.

We’ve decided that our curb appeal has been neglected long enough, and so we’ve embarked on operation Front Yard Makeover.  Read More

DIY Coatrack How-To

When 40 feet of tree almost crush your backyard cinder block wall… make lemonade. Or, in our case, a custom coatrack.

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Italian Stovetop Espresso

Friends, let me just share a little coffee gem with you… the Italian stovetop espresso maker. Do yourself a coffee loving favor and go get one! Not only are they super cool looking, they make great espresso super easily! Here’s how I make almond milk lattes with my Italian espresso maker:

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Vegetable Soup Recipe

So, here’s the thing. My mom makes the most delicious vegetable soup and when I started my family and began asking her for recipes, her Veggie Soup was one of the first I wanted. Well, much to my surprise, Mama doesn’t have a recipe! She said, “Oh, I don’t know. I kind of make it Read More

What is OurFamilyBand?

Who are we, you ask? We’re a family of 5 that pursues Jesus, loves good food, works on our home, throws living room dance parties, gardens, and appreciates the value of an awesome beard. Ok, so maybe that last one isn’t necessarily core to our family, but everyone can agree that beards are awesome. We Read More