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How Do I Install Laminate Wood Flooring?

Photo of Installed Laminate Flooring

For Sam’s 26th birthday I squirreled away some money, took a 4 day weekend, and surprised her with new laminate wood floors. The bank-owned carpet and linoleum had seen a long full life and deserved retirement.

My father and brother-in-law helped with the installation while I sent Sam to her mom’s house with the kids.

It was one of the longest weekends of our lives (and we only replaced the 500 square feet in the living room, kitchen, and hallway).

**Husbands: don’t surprise your wife with a big DIY project that takes all weekend and keeps you two apart ON HER BIRTHDAY.**

Here’s my amateur guide to installing laminate wood flooring.< Read More

Shortcuts To Laying a Paver Walkway


Laying pavers can be time consuming and expensive. I’ve learned a few shortcuts over the last two weekends while laying our new paver walkway. Read More

Front Yard Makeover Stage 1: The Before

Front Yard Makeover Stage 1 Panorama Photo

To say that our front yard is an eyesore would be like saying chicken pox aren’t that bad. Till now, we’ve focused most all of our renovation time and budget on the backyard and interior of the house (the spaces we live the most life together). The front yard is a combination of desert landscaping (not the pretty kind – just 4 inches deep of mixed rock), dirt, and un-killable weeds.

We’ve decided that our curb appeal has been neglected long enough, and so we’ve embarked on operation Front Yard Makeover.  Read More

DIY Coatrack How-To

When 40 feet of tree almost crush your backyard cinder block wall… make lemonade. Or, in our case, a custom coatrack.

20140119-202050.jpg Read More

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