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Photo of Waffle Iron Fried Cheese

Waffle Iron Fried Cheese Love

Perusing the internet the other day, God graced me to find this lovely post suggesting the idea that fried cheese might be possible to make at home, using a waffle iron… I told you God is good! More proof he’s good? I told my wife about the post, to which she replied, “Get me the recipe Read More

Surprisingly Simple Last-Minute Super Bowl Food

It’s Super Bowl Sunday you guys, one of the top 5 greatest eating days of the year! But what to do when you are uninterested in all the standard Football food?? Wings. Chili. Nachos. Hot Dogs. Onion Dip. Wait, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean Dip. Dip is my favorite. But man can not live on Dip Read More

And When You’re Overwhelmed… There’s Always Chicken

Photo of Baked Soyaki Chicken

As the renovation continues so must the rest of our life. Although, if I am being honest, it has begun to feel like the only life we live revolves around our renovation. So, I am trying to focus my thoughts on other things and today I focused on the awesome deal I got when I bought organic chicken.

Yep, I’m now focusing on chicken. Good thing it was delicious! Read More

Easy Biscuits and Gravy Recipe

Homemade Biscuits

We love breakfast. And by “we love”, I mean we eat it for lunch and dinner as well. Fried egg sandwiches, hash browns, eggs Benedict, pancakes and bacon, are some of our favorite things to eat…. all the time. But there is one breakfast that holds a coveted spot for Daniel and I, Biscuits and Gravy.

I was always intimidated at the thought of making it from scratch because I’m not the best baker and didn’t want to end up with dry biscuits. Luckily for me, I found the easiest and tastiest biscuit recipe over at! After a quick read through of the recipe I felt confident I could make them.

Then, I set out to make the perfect gravy, and after some testing of my recipe I finally landed on one we love! Read More

Italian Stovetop Espresso

Friends, let me just share a little coffee gem with you… the Italian stovetop espresso maker. Do yourself a coffee loving favor and go get one! Not only are they super cool looking, they make great espresso super easily! Here’s how I make almond milk lattes with my Italian espresso maker:

20140115-145731.jpg Read More

Vegetable Soup Recipe

So, here’s the thing. My mom makes the most delicious vegetable soup and when I started my family and began asking her for recipes, her Veggie Soup was one of the first I wanted. Well, much to my surprise, Mama doesn’t have a recipe! She said, “Oh, I don’t know. I kind of make it Read More