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We met at summer camp, fell in love, and got married. We’ve worked jobs almost everywhere (churches, Starbucks, a “dot com” startup). We had lots of kids (3), moved a bunch, and now we’re hungry for a slower paced life.

How can we spend more time on our love and on our kids while keeping the lights on and a roof overhead?


  • ADAM

    Hi ,

    Love the blog.

    I came across it while researching RBC tandem bicycles. I happen to be shopping for a tandem and like the vintage over modern and found one like yours. I’m trying to research the value but obviously theres not much out there to compare. Can I ask how much you paid and if you’ve learned any more about them?


  • Daniel

    Hey Adam – I haven’t found any other info besides the links I posted here. We bought the bike pretty cheap from a Facebook group classified listing. I’ll let you know if I find another one or learn anything else about the RBC tandems. Thanks for commenting your question!

  • David

    Hi guys, my wife and I joined the RBC tandem bike family, but we joined it like 27 years ago. We bought our tandem from a Long Beach CA police officer and his wife, who was upgrading to a new fancy-dancy multi speed tandem bicyle. We paid $200 at that time. Our tandem is a brown cruiser(only one speed), chrome fenders and wheels. It has coaster brakes and a front hand brake. It has low bars for easy access for getting on and off. The seats are typical spring seats but have a sheepskin cover over them(very very comfy). It has a metal basket on the front handle bars(I added a cup holder for my beverage). We also added some folding footpegs on the center post so my son’s could ride it with us(when they were little). We just bought new tires and tubes and dusting her off to prepare for summer. We love our bike! We have several other bikes but this is our favorite.

  • rlpeters

    I have today run across a 10 spd RBC tandem bike, other than the gear set you have on yours they are identical!

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